“I live through the achievements of others.”

After Google Search informed me that I visited Simona Haleps Wikipedia page 57 times in the past month, I finally decided to admit I have a problem.

This blog is the solution.

A timeline of my unclaimed tennis dream:

2005 – losing to Anthony “Beans” Palicciono in both the singles & doubles finals of the YMCA tennis camp
2007-2009 – Watching my childhood hero, Andy Roddick lose at the Legg Mason Tennis Classic three years running (I guess I was his bad luck charm?)
2012 – 2x High School Record Holder for most aces & double faults in one match (28 aces to 23 double faults
2014 – Wimbledon Doubles Champion (Nintendo Wii)
2017 – US Open ball kid reject

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